Employee Portal

Sainsbury’s employee portal is Oursainsburys. There is a separate portal for employee login at Oursainsburys.com. Oursainsburys is the official site for their employees to get all the data at one spot. Their website addresses are www.mysainsburys.co.uk and www.oursainsburys.com.

When opening or visiting any of the above sites, employees will be directed to the Microsoft home page. The Microsoft website asks users for their username and the relevant password. By accessing the correct credentials, users can access their diverse requirements through this particular employee portal.

One of these mattering resources available on the Our sains burys portal is accessing the payment receipts at the online Oursainsburys Login portal. Our sains burys is also the portal where employees can schedule their jobs online and set the hours accordingly.

Oursainsburys is also the portal that holds the entire employee database and stores it with entire safety, without strangers meaning able to access the site. Even employers must give their valid login credentials before managing employee data.

The Oursainsburys Login portal prohibits any activity that tries to circumvent the security features of the portal. Get associated and serve out at Oursainsburys.co.uk and Mysainsbury.co.uk which are the company sites for their valuable employees.

Oursainburys.com, formerly known as www.oursainsburys.com, are the portals for the employee’s login site. Our sains burys website provides all Sainsbury employees, managers, and also the part-time workers to view bi-monthly and regularly staffing differences, as well as current pay stubs and P-60s at the portal securely online.

The enrollment process is quite simple for the employees. Visit the authentic site of Oursainsburys.com now.

  • Enter Employee Number.
  • Enter Our sains burys password.
  • Answer the security questions correctly.
  • Employees will be signed up.
  • If you need further support logging in, do visit the OurSainsburys.com

To view the employee payroll online, visit Pay slip view at the online payroll website, and also for the P-60.